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Broadband DSL Acemap

AceMap - Multi-Service Access Platform

The Samsung AceMAP is a true Multi-Service, High Density, High Reliability Access Platform. It is scalable, with Star/Daisychain subtending, flexible (ATM/IP), and migratable from a basic DSLAM to an access gateway on the same platform.



With 48 port ADSL cards, the AceMAP can serve up to 864 subscribers per system and 1728 per 7' Telco rack. The AceMAP also provides the security of 1+1 protection switching with both circuit and equipment redundancy on the WAN and Subtending interfaces.



The AceMAP supports ADSL, ADSL2, ADSL2plus, VDSL and G.SHDSL services in any combination on the platform. It can be implemented in an ATM network, an IP network or an ATM-IP hybrid. The same AceMAP that begins as a basic xDSL DSLAM can evolve to a DSL and TDM POTS platform, with GR-303 Trunking; or to an Access Gateway in an NGN-Softswitch architecture.


The AceMAP offers a variety of testing capabilities to help service providers measure line performance and service availability. The AceMAP DTU card supports narrowband and wideband, intrusive and non-intrusive testing. It also supports broadband testing that is non-intrusive to POTS, with ATU-C and ATU-R emulation. The AceMAP supports external test access for both Spirent and Harris systems, providing Service Providers with a complete range of test options.


The AceMAP can seamlessly integrate into a Service Provider's access network through the use of standards-based WAN and Subscriber interfaces that provide interoperability with a variety of standards - compatible xDSL modems, IADs, portals and gateways.

The AceMAN EMS provides network-wide visibility with a robust client/server architecture. The same EMS manages all of the Samsung DSLAM and Gateway platforms.

AceMAN easily integrates into a Service Provider's existing and future OSS and NMS systems with standards-based TL1 and CORBA Northbound Interfaces.

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