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Music On Hold OPH 6500

On-Hold Plus 6500 MP3 Digital On-Hold Audio System
for Analog Phones (57 Min)

The new OHP 6500 has an integrated analog adapter module which allows it to provide on-hold audio content to ordinary analog and popular "KSU-less" phone systems. Works with virtually all analog and KSU-less phones and is activated by pressing the hold button on any phone extension. The module supports up to four incoming lines and provides on-hold audio on up to 50 phone extensions. Includes two telephone extension hold music activators (TEHMA) which, when connected between the phone's handset/headset allows a call to be placed on-hold with music by simply pressing the hold button on their telephone.

OPH 6500


  • Use with ordinary analog and KSU-Less phone systems
  • USB 1.1 connection
  • LCD control panel
  • 6-line backlit display
  • 16mb on-board memory
  • 128mb maximum memory supported
  • Supports MP3 and Microsoft Windows Media (WMA) digital music
  • ID-3 tag support
  • Supported bit rates of 32-196kpbs
  • Non-volatile memory means it retains its recorded content, even after power failure
  • MessageStudio Software (included)
  • Ships with a certificate for a FREE personalized on-hold audio voiceover
  • Requires 1 Tehma per phone (2 Tehma's included)

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