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OfficeServ Operator

Complete call control solution for business operators and receptionists.

A member of Samsung OfficeServ CTI Applications, OfficeServ Operator is a PC-based Auto Attendant Console solution for your company. Combined with a Samsung iDCS phone system, this Windows-based application will help your business manage high-volume call traffic professionally and smoothly.

OfficeServ Operator is fully integrated with your voice and data infrastructure to maximize the responsiveness your organization. With the simplicity of "point and click" operation or use of a keyboard, incoming and internal calls can be effectively managed using a variety of features including:


Busy Lamp Field Indication: Quickly view the status of each extension and control calls using a mouse.

Easy Setup and Configuration: Installation of OfficeServ Operator is as easy as plug and play.

Extension Information: Displaying details of Call Forwarding information and their destination.

Department Queues: To help organize call traffic more efficiently and distribute calls to other operators.

Conference Call Set Up: Initiated by the Operator in an instant.

Notes Facility: A simple message can be added as a reminder before returning to a waiting caller and placing them through.

Hold: Hold a call with reminder, and/or with a target, park a call on an orbit or station, and automatically repeat hold actions on recalled calls using a single key.

Contact Information: Caller Name and Number for all calls and detailed information for active calls.

Providing the advanced functionality of the OfficeServ through the user's PC, OfficeServ Operator solutions are essential for people who manage high volume of calls, and an invaluable application for any busy office

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