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Smart Centre

Smart Centre is an application that integrates to the DCS to give accurate, real time reports to assist Call Center Managers to effectively manage the operation of the Call Center.SmartCenter's highly visual interface can inform call center managers of parameters outside acceptable limits, such as too many calls waiting, longest waiting calls and abandoned calls, among others. Historical reports add the ability to look back at previous days, weeks or months events. These events can be broken down to give the smallest details to an overview of this weeks answered and abandoned calls.


SmartCentre Product Options SmartCentre VAR

SmartCentre V is a Windows based product that can show key performance information and agent/extension status. It can be useful for agents, managers and senior managers in fact anyone connected to the company Local Area Network (LAN). SmartCentre V is a real time only package based on a single position inView LAN Wallboard (see Section 4 for more information). It can be configured for agent and extension status view (Busy Lamp Field) or allboard view enabling up to eight parameters from any of the 200 large character windows available relating to groups, agents, extensions, lines, and DIDs. These parameter windows have automatic labels that can be customized.

SmartCentre VR

SmartCentre VR uses a full size window for its workspace. Within the workspace, many parameters can be laid out and displayed simultaneously. One real time template may be created and saved at any time. A reporting package is also included within SmartCentre VR, which provides printed statistics for the last 31 days of activity.

SmartCentre VAR

SmartCentre VAR is similar to SmartCentre VR but offers any number of real time templates to be created and saved, enhanced reporting features and functionality, in addition to being viewed on the screen and printed, reports may be saved and exported to programs such as Microsoft Excel or Lotus 123, where information may be displayed in graphical format. Reports can be collated for the previous one-year of events. SmartCentre VAR is able to support physical wallboards and any number of real time templates.

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