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VoIP SMG-400


The SMG series of Media Gateways comprises the SMG-3200 and SMG-400 products, offering a modular and scalable solution that can grow to meet increasing call traffic demands that you place on the network.


The SMG series is the perfect solution for organisations with branch networks which have heavy inter-site call traffic or an existing fixed data link. By effectively routing calls free of charge between two sites over existing or newly installed data links or leased lines you can vastly reduce the ongoing cost of call traffic between sites.In addition, creating a network infrastructure using VoIP can enhance the features and functionality that each remote site's telephone system employs. Designed to connect to existing Samsung equipment,or legacy keysystems and PABXs,the SMG series offers multi-site organisations of any size a simple solution to reducing ongoing communication costs.

  • ITU-T VoIP Standard : H.323 v2, v3
  • RADVision H.323 stack adoption
  • Up to VoIP 4 Ports
  • Up to 4 Internet G3 FAX
  • Remote File Down/Upload


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