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What is Mobile WiMAX?

Mobile WiMAX makes it possible to access high speed wireless internet anytime and anywhere and also offers true mobility, allowing wireless users to travel at speeds up to 75 miles per hour across large geographic areas while seamlessly receiving data and multimedia services.


Mobile WiMAX, Next Generation Mobile Communications

These days, users' needs for communications services are widening. With the vitality of IP infrastructure and IP multimedia contents, market demand for data services as well as voice services are on the increase. In particular, users who are used to the cellular environment request data services with a speed comparable to that of wired communications even when they are on the move.

Mobile WiMAX is the technology most suitable to meet users' various needs. Existing data services are divided into wired super-speed Internet, wireless Internet for mobile communications, and WLAN. Wired super-speed Internet and WLAN offer high-speed services, but are restricted by access location and mobility. Wireless Internet supports mobility, but is restricted by slow transfer rates and high cost.

Mobile WiMAX offers the advantages and addresses shortcomings of existing data services. Mobile WiMAX provides seamless services to people on the move as the existing wireless Internet does and offers high-speed data services comparable to super- speed Internet. Mobile WiMAX super-speed data service offered to people on the move is closer to 4G, going beyond 3G. Mobile WiMAX can be applied to fields other than mobile communications.

Wireless Internet services in houses located at areas where wired access infrastructure does not exist

Ubiquitous Internet services at high speed anywhere, anytime regardless of location

High-speed data services for specific purposes such as enterprises and theme parks.

The simple network configuration and superior performance of Mobile WiMAX provide business flexibility that enables to evolve to mobile services seamlessly while handling various market demands.

Mobile WiMAX Benefits

1) Time To Market As a global standard that applies OFDM technology for the first time, Mobile WiMAX systems and terminals authenticated by WiMAX Forum will be supplied to the market in late 2006.

2) Economic Scalability Strong ecosystem and friendly IPR policy of WiMAX Forum, which has about 400 company members, enable early spread of the market and economy of scale.

3) Cost Effective Solution With lower frequency cost compared with that of 3G and simple network configuration with 2-tier, a network can be configured at lower cost compared with other competitive technologies.

4) Enhanced Service Feature With Multicast Broadcast Service (MBS), high efficient mobile Triple Play Service (TPS) can be provided thus providing a new revenue source.

5) Business Flexibility Depending on the service environment, fixed, nomadic, portable, and mobile services can be combined into a new service and each service can be migrated to mobile service seamlessly.

SAMSUNG Mobile WiMAX products provide operators and consumers with the high speed capabilities that will connect them to the ever expanding range of wireless multimedia that is transforming their everyday experiences.

Product Highlights

  • Comprehensive line-up for cost optimization
  • Various products from high to low capacity and from dense urban to rural/in-building
  • Distributed in-building solution for large building
  • Suitable for diverse biz. type such as macro area, hot-zone, campus area, enterprise network environment, etc,.
  • Enhanced OAM function
  • Real-time performance data monitoring
  • Web-EMT with easy maintenance and easy accessibility
  • Standard management I/F e.g. SNMPv2c, FTP, HTTP with SSL, Telnet (SSH)
  • Stable online software upgrade
  • Convenient inventory management
  • Efficient use of radio resource
  • Field proven “ FRP = 1 ” as well as “ FRP = 3 ”
  • Support “Flexible-FRP” to minimize interference at the cell edge and maximize spectrum efficiency
  • Flexible Solution for various market needs
  • Various RF Solution such as 2.3 / 2.5 / 3.5GHz etc,
  • Various bandwidth such as 5 / 7 / 8.75 / 10 / 20MHz
  • Futuristic Technology Support
  • Support MIMO/BF technology
  • All IP based radio access network architecture
  • IPv4/IPv6 dual stack architecture

RAS Standard :

  • Suitable for Dense urban area with many subscribers
  • Fully reliable system with redundant architecture option
  • MIMO/BF Ready architecture

U-RAS Mini :

  • Suitable for rural area, highway, etc
  • Cost optimized solution to initial network deployment
  • Indoor/outdoor common platform


  • Suitable for large building, campus, enterprise networks
  • Multiple distributed antenna to overcome building penetration loss
  • Easy network extension with separated RF units

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