Wireless Systems RAS (Radio Access Station)

Samsung’s mobile broadband internet solution makes it possible to access high speed wireless Internet anytime and anywhere, opening a new era of Internet. The solution will help replace the existing high-speed Internet access, such as DSL, cable modems and wireless LAN.

Features Advanced RF Technology

  • Smart Antenna, MIMO RF path ready system for Standard-RAS High Capacity and throughput
  • 802.16e OFDMA air protocol provides high broadband rates up to 30Mbps per sector Scalable base station configurations
  • High density RAS for large-scale deployments from dense urban to suburban areas
  • Mini-RAS: 20W/1F/Onmi/1Rack, 20W/3F/Omni/1Rack (6W ~ 7W each carrier) Easy Installation
  • Ceiling, Pole, Wall, Mountable for Mini-RAS

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