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Wireless Systems
CDMA Infrasturcture: With Our Interoperability Standards Interface, the Possibilities are Endless.

Samsung is firmly committed to wireless standards and the world leader in CDMA mobile technology. We created and deployed the world's first commercial 3G system because we're zealous about the promise of 3G - high-quality, high-speed access to voice and data at any time, from anywhere.

Mobile WiMAX: Get high speed data access wherever you go.

Realizing that end users want to be able to unleash high-speed data access and take it with them wherever they go, Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., the world's leading mobile broadband equipment manufacturer, has stepped up to lead the industry toward this goal. Samsung will use the valuable experience it gains supporting WiBro in Korea in its ongoing development of WiMAX equipment for the global market. As an active participant in the WiMAX Forum, Samsung is committed to deliver WiMAX Certified products to the global market. Through WiMax Forum certification, Samsung's 802.16e products will provide the world's mobile operators with the economies of scale and interoperability they require for success.

ACR (Access Control Router)
SBSC-500 Base Station Controller
SBSM-500 Base Station Manager
SCBS-500 Base Transceiver Station
RAS (Radio Access Station)
Mobile WiMAX

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